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It’s not just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle.

From the most superior uncut distillates to the latest canna products available on the market, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for our impressive rosin pressing services, our premium cartridges, our cartridge filling service or our amazing bubble hash extraction systems, an exclusive flower selection, or even one of our top-notch refined concentrates, such as Rosin. The Goods NY has what you need to amplify your experience every time. Our vast product selection will keep you coming back time and time again while we continue to exceed your expectations and elevate your smoke sessions to new heights with our exceptional inventory.
Cultivating an Upgraded, Distinctive Experience
Our revolutionary pro-canna company based in New York, focuses on intensifying your smoke sessions with a diverse range of new wave inventory that surpasses the marks left by other companies that love to dilute strong uncut products like ours. We started our take over in 2021 with our high-quality clothing, premium cannabis oil extracts, hand rolled cigars, rosin presses, and everything else cannabis enthusiasts could want or need from their caring growers & in their favorite local smoke shop. Come see for yourself what gives us that special edge above California & any other “competition”!

If you need it, we’ve got it already, or we can get it produced for you ASAP!

We’re on the Next Level
Spot our new signature clothing line around town on the locals or meet us to cop the latest apparel for your family and friends, including fashionable branded tees, comfortable socks, and more. Be sure to check out our convenient care kits for customers that include products with our signature scannable QR code, such as cartridges (or concentrate of your choice) socks and stickers.

Expect to see our QR code proudly displayed throughout New York City in all major areas, including Manhattan and the Bronx, as we continue to grow and expand our reach with our street team.

Get Social with Us
Follow us on Instagram and check us out on Facebook to stay informed on the latest products available to customers and get the chance to win free cartridges on us. We’re always cookin’ up the purest and most enjoyable concentrates for our customers and share the process on social media for our supporters to see.